Josh Howell (funkadelicjosh) wrote in pghpunkmetal,
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Next Friday @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Pittsburgh

Enjoy great industrial music next Friday (December 14th) at The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern!

The event is 21+, doors are at 6:30, the cover is an easily affordable $3, the bands are phenomenal, and the venue's full menu will be available providing the best Polish food in the 'Burgh!

The lineup is as follows (click links to hear the bands @ Myspace):

Friday, December 14th @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern:

Agnes Wired For Sound - Goth Industrial

Wreckcreation - Rock Industrial

Nyarlathotep - Ambient Experimental Industrial

As for Wreckcreation, this will be our last show of 2007! So get out, kick back, and enjoy the tunes, food, and beverages with us!

On behalf of all the bands, thanks and we hope to see you there.


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